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I am an accredited life coach, health coach and nutritionist specialising in ADHD. I trained and am accredited at ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) in the USA, viewed by many as the global leader in the specialty area of ADHD coach training. The program is fully accredited by ICF and PAAC.


A life-long learner, I hold a BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition. My research project examined the possible role of functional/fermented foods to improve gut and mental health.


I have also qualified as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.


Prior to being a life coach, I practiced as an in-house television lawyer for many years in the UK and Australia.

I began coaching after ADHD was diagnosed in my family.

I have 2 main areas of coaching: (1) teenagers, university students or adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD or who are undiagnosed but are struggling with areas of executive function, and (2) adult ADHD clients who are looking for specialised Nutrition coaching - this not only involves advising on what foods to eat, but how to transition mentally and physically to manage/organise a new way of eating and preparing food.


I help clients to devise ADHD-friendly strategies to reach their goals, whether these are personal, educational or professional in nature. Common areas of concern relate to planning, organisation, motivation, focus, impulsivity and self-regulation.

I coach in a holistic, friendly and supportive way, always encouraging a client to understand and work with their strengths. I use my scientific and nutrition background to incorporate healthy living practices for my clients. I also use my past corporate experience to assist clients navigate work-related issues.

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Trained & accredited ADHD Life Coach - ADD Coach Academy (USA) 

BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition - University of Hong Kong (SPACE)/ University of Ulster - First Class Honours

Advanced Certificate in Food Science - University of Hong Kong

Advanced Certificate in Human Biochemistry & Physiology - University of Hong Kong

Advanced Diploma in Child & Adolescent Nutrition - University of Hong Kong

Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition (USA)

Combined LLB / BCom (Accounting) - University of New South Wales

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