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One-off consultations or  1 hour zoom sessions (min 8 sessions)

I mainly work on zoom but able to meet with clients on an adhoc basis in London

Sessions to occur on a weekly basis for min 8 consecutive weeks with possibility to reduce to fortnightly or adhoc sessions thereafter

Free online 20 min consultation prior to any commitment

Female College Students

Students and Adults

with or without ADHD diagnosis

1 hour Zoom Sessions

(min 8 sessions)

Weekly coaching sessions to help and support individuals reach their goals.


An example of a common goal is a desire to study/work efficiently and to not leave everything to the last minute which can otherwise lead to feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Realising such a goal would enable a client to enjoy their experience at university/work, achieve a better outcome and increase their self-esteem.

I support clients in areas such as time planning, time management and organisation, task initiation, motivation to study or work, educate clients about their ADHD (if diagnosed) and ensure they learn how to best engage their brains. I can address issues surrounding leading a healthy lifestyle including sleep and nutrition, digital wellbeing and discuss any social/emotional issues that may arise as a result of a client's ADHD.

Mother and Son

Family Coaching - for child diagnosed with ADHD together with the parent(s)/guardian(s)

These are individual sessions to primarily coach the child who has been diagnosed with ADHD with involvement from the parent(s) or guardian(s).

Parents/guardians impacted by an ADHD diagnosis in the family may also be in need of support themselves and may benefit from coaching and education as to how to best support their child.

The structure of the weekly sessions can vary but will involve  parent(s) or guardian(s) taking part to agree desired goals, be part of the conversation and be aware of agreed action points.

Crate of Fresh Fruit

ADHD Nutrition & Lifestyle

1 hour Zoom Sessions

(min 8 sessions)

Eating in a healthy way is challenging for most people, however the challenge is greater for people with ADHD as many executive skill functions are required in order to follow a meal plan. Furthermore, obstacles such as motivation and impulsivity (eg binge eating) need to be addressed.


My ADHD Nutrition Coaching will not only introduce a new eating plan which is tailor-made for the client and ADHD friendly (after doing a food diary analysis) but will also help with all aspects of meal planning (eg. suitable recipes, shopping, batch cooking, time management), overcoming impulsivity and increasing motivation.

Other aspects of a healthy lifestyle can also be addressed such as movement and mindfulness, sleep, digital wellbeing and any social/emotional issues that may arise as a result of a client's ADHD.

Online Class

Group Coaching

These are group coaching sessions for clients diagnosed with ADHD. 

I intend to start group coaching sessions for Nutrition clients in 2024.

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